Inclusive Teaching Competency Model and its Applicability on Elementary School Teachers of Pune District in India




Devjani Chakravartya, Geeta Shindeb

aDepartment of Education & Extension, Savitribai Phule Pune University, India

bDepartment of Education & Extension, Savitribai Phule Pune University, India


(Received 01 August 2022, Final revised version received 10 December 2022)


The SDG 2030 Goal 4 emphasized Inclusive Education. This paper focuses on the Inclusive Teaching Competency (ITC) Model. ITC Model is a framework that represents the structure of inclusive teaching competency by defining its areas and individual competencies that are consist under each area. The ITC Model specifically deals with the competencies required for school teachers while teaching an inclusive classroom that includes children with or without disabilities. The purpose of this research paper is to elaborate on the applicability of this ITC model. The method of research is the survey method and the findings are in the form of quantitative data. The finding reflects the status of teachers with respect to inclusive teaching competencies. The model will be helpful for teachers for self-assessment of inclusive teaching competencies. Furthermore, it will assist school administration in designing need-based courses for school teachers towards in-service teacher training and orientation in inclusive teaching competencies.


Keywords: Inclusive Teaching Competency Model, Inclusive Education

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