Perspectives of Trainee Support Teachers on Inclusive Education in Mauritius




Komal Reshma Gungapersanda


a English Department, Mauritius Institute of Education, Mauritius


(Received 01 July 2019, Final Revised Version Received, 17 December 2019)


This research explored the perspectives of trainee Support Teachers at the Mauritius Institute of Education on inclusive education, based on their practice. It showed that the concept of inclusive education is not well understood, and that inclusion is still not a reality in Mauritius. The purpose of the study was to find out the extent to which inclusive education is possible in Mauritius at Grades 1 and 2 level when support is provided. It examined the practices of trainee support teachers in the light of the concept of inclusion and how it impacted on learning. It traced aspects of inclusive education which are essential for the implementation of the national curriculum framework (NYCBE, 2015). A qualitative approach was used and data from a questionnaire, a focus-group interview and a write-up on a metaphor was collected through a funnel approach and was analyzed qualitatively. The findings indicated that trainees took a practical and pragmatic position on inclusive education instead of adhering to general beliefs on this topic. Moreover, trainees had a pedagogical, academic, philosophical and a metaphorical perspective on inclusive education. The analysis of findings indicated that painstaking reforms, teacher education, change in mindset and innovations can bring positive results.


Keywords: inclusive education, inclusion, reform, perspectives, trainee support teachers

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