Quality Assurance model for LMS to facilitate Education and Equality

DOI: https://doi.org/10.59595/ajie.11.1.4

Md. Tarek Hasana, Farhina Akterb, Sabrina Alamc, Mahady Hasand

aIndependent University, Bangladesh

bIndependent University, Bangladesh

cIndependent University, Bangladesh

dIndependent University, Bangladesh


(Received 18 April 2023, Final revised version received 30 August 2023)

The integration of quality assurance (QA) metrics into a hypothesized Learning Management System (LMS) designed for higher education is critically examined in this study. This investigation’s main goal is to evaluate the crucial elements required to guarantee students’ educational excellence, accessibility, and operational efficiency. The paper carefully assesses current LMS systems, identifies important difficulties, and suggests useful improvements to address these problems using a thorough research process. The results highlight the critical value of a thorough QA framework that supports rich learning opportunities, creates equitable chances, and improves skill acquisition. For students to receive a top-notch education and efficient service, the incorporation of QA metrics into LMS systems becomes essential. This work emphasizes the importance of ongoing research projects to look into the use and effectiveness of the suggested model in the real world, with the ultimate goal of continuously raising the standard of online learning.

Keywords: QA, Learning Management System, Non-Functional Testing, Testing, Education, Equality

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