The Effectiveness of the Inclusive Education Subject in the Pre-service Education Curriculum viewed from the Student Teachers’ Perspective


Jane K. Lartec

Faculty, Professional Education Department, Saint Louis University, Baguio City, Philippines

Ronald B. Bustos, Daisylyn L. Carpio, Cazel D. Casiano, Almarraine Joy Y. De Guzman and Heidee Suzanne L. Tongyofen

Researchers, School of Teacher Education, Saint Louis University, Baguio City, Philippines

(Received 10 June 2013, Final revised version received 30 May 2015)

Inclusive education is becoming a worldwide trend and because teacher training institutions play a significant role in ensuring the competence of pre-service education students towards catering the needs of increasing range of diverse learners, it is important to prepare them by shifting the pedagogy in line with inclusive education. This study has been carried out to view the perspective of the 142 student teachers in terms of the effectiveness of the Inclusive Education subject, a onesemester course in a comprehensive and multidisciplinary university in the Philippines that offers training on inclusive education practices to the pre-service education students. Guided by the administration of a validated questionnaire, the student teachers gave their own perspective on the effectiveness of offering the subject along the identified strands on the course objectives, course content, course strategies, the instructor and the goodness of the year level of offering. Findings revealed that the student teachers view the subject as generally very effective across the five strands identified. The results of this study are significant in the improvement of the curriculum and possible dissemination of inclusive education subject to other teacher education institutions.

Key words: pre-service education curriculum, perceptions, teacher education, inclusive education, effectiveness

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