The Relationship Between Quality Early Childhood Programs and Transition Services in Inclusive Education of Young Children


Sunanta Klibthong, Lara Fridani, Kiiko Ikegami
and Joseph S Agbenyega

Monash University, Australia

(Received 09October 2013, Final revised version received 20April 2014)

The relationship between quality early childhood programs and transition services in inclusive education for young children has not received the needed attention in current literature. School transition services are important for all children but pose potential challenges for many young children with special needs. By connecting and integrating quality and inclusive education into transition programs, all children entering the school environment can have a positive experience. This paper discusses the significance and application of quality transition services within inclusive education and highlights four interactive components; relationships, wellbeing, involvement and an active learning environment. Various factors in the development of a quality early childhood inclusion program are also discussed. The paper concludes with some recommendations of how a quality inclusive transition can support children entering school happily and successfully.

Keywords: quality, transition, inclusive education

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