Tutoring Students with Autism in Online Mode During the Pandemic: Survey on Special Educators of Kolkata and its vicinity

DOI: https://doi.org/10.59595/ajie.10.2.3


Roshni Mukherjeea, Santoshi Haldera

aDepartment of Education, University of Calcutta, India

bDepartment of Education, University of Calcutta, India


(Received 28 June 2022, Final revised version received 1 November 2022)


The study aims to explore the teaching milieu through the lens of special educators during the pandemic when students with autism shifted to online mode in special schools. This survey was done on 100 special educators from in and around Kolkata City (West Bengal, Eastern part of India). Graphical univariate exploratory data analysis is used to interpret the results. The results reveal the challenges (viz., from the behavioral problems of students to network issues) and facilitators (viz., software used for the effective Online evaluation or assessment) of the online mode of teaching extensively during the pandemic time. The future directions for the online mode concerning teaching-learning for learners with autism are also suggested.


Keywords: Online Mode of Teaching, Special Educators, Autism, Challengers, Facilitators

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